Call for Abstracts - until September 15th 2019

Submission Rules

In order to register or submit an abstract for in the congress, you have to create an account in the website. Learn how to create an account here.

The work should address themes related to Person Centered Healthcare and will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee (there will be no appeal).

  • Abstract (with a maximum of 300 words) must provide:
  • Title of the work
  • 1st Author [First and Last Name]
  • Affiliation [Institution + Professional category]
  • Other authors

The submission must either be in Portuguese or in English, but please note, only submissions made entirely in English will be later considered for publication at the European Journal for Person Centered Healthcare (EJPCH).

The works must be original and not presented in other contexts.

Authors should indicate their preferred presentation format (oral or poster). The scientific committee may suggest changing the format.

Authors of the oral communications or posters will be informed of their acceptance by email. To know the presentation type, the author must check the personal area of the website.

The author who will present the work must be registered in the Congress.

A certificate showing the name of all authors will be delivered to each presentation.

Presentation Rules

Oral Communications

Oral communications are limited to 7 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for discussion.

Presentation files must be submitted online, by accessing the website's personal area and selecting the option abstracts, up until the 13th of October.

The presentation layout is available for download. Please note, the content in the template is an example, as it can be changed and rearranged.

-Power Point Version

-Keynote Version


Posters should be in vertical format (height: 120cm, width: 80cm).

Posters shall be affixed before the beginning of the congress in the location defined by the organization.

Download the Poster template.

-Power Point Version

-Keynote Version

Printing Service

There is a printing a service available. This requires both a subscription to this specific service as well the submission of the Poster as a PDF file on the personal area of the website, abstract tab. The Poster must respect the layout and be uploaded until the the 13th of October, 2019.

By subscribing to the printing service, the conference’s staff ensures printing, transportation of the poster to the venue as well as posting. You can do so through your personal area.

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